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Q. How do I register?
A. No registration is required – just book your collection.

Q. Can you collect in the evening?
A. Yes, we can for most UK postcodes.

Q. Can you collect parcels from postcodes outside the London area in the evenings?
A. Yes, we now offer a collection services for postcodes outside the London area.

Q. How do I make payment?
A. We accept payment via Paypal, for both Paypal and non-Paypal account holders.

Q. Do I need to label my parcel?
A. Yes, you will need to label your parcel. We supply the labels you need by e-mail, all you will need to do is print it out and attach to your parcel before the courier gets to you. Without a label showing the receivers address and a bar code, we will be unable to collect or deliver your parcels.

Q. Can I send items that are fragile ?
A. Yes, but ensure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions.

Q. Can I specify a date and time for the evening collection and deliveries?
A. Yes, you can select your convenient time and date from our time and date slot.

Q. How do I cancel a collection or delivery that I have ordered?
A. Simple, just click on the link below your booking confirmation email before 4:00pm Monday to Saturday.


We are at least 75% cheaper than other same day collection & delivery services. We can collect urgently, and save you money if delivery isn’t required urgently.


With our online booking system, you no longer lug your parcel around or wait endlessly for a driver. Just book online and we can collect your parcel on the same day if you book by 12pm.

Shorter windows

Our 2 hour window is perfect if you need a collection urgently. We won’t keep you in the whole day, so you can spend your precious time doing what you need to do.

Our Multiple items

If you have a special requirement for a recurring collection and multiple deliveries,
please contact us and see how we can help your business grow.